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Registration dore2cuo

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Registration dore2cuo

Post by Chrissie on Mon 30 Jan - 20:53

Capitaine : Chrissie/chrissievandiek -
Cocapitaine : Amélie/ameliesachs_tm2 -

Adresse du forum

Tag de Team (Ex: $000Teamtag) :$C00[dore²$999cuo]$fff


dore²cuo tombuilder / tombuilder
dore²cuo mungos / mungosxxx
dore²cuo Maniak / chewchew
dore²cuo senfti / senfti1
dore²cuo Chrissie / chrissievandiek
dore²cuo Tinus / titusvandiek
dore²cuo Linton / linton82
dore²cuo draengler / draengler
dore²cuo Amélie / ameliesachs_tm2
dore2cuo Hurri / hurri5678
dore²cuo Dash / dash002
dore2cuo Firestrom / _firestorrm

Rules: read and approved


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Re: Registration dore2cuo

Post by Nekoshy on Mon 30 Jan - 23:34

Hello dore²cuo.

Your registration is done, good luck for the SLIP 7 Wink

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