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Registration of 'ηψт' Ω

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Registration of 'ηψт' Ω

Post by Toad on Fri 3 Feb - 20:04

Registration from the Team 'ηψт' Ω

Captain : Toad | minitoad |
Cocaptain : Gillou | gillou27 |

Adress from the teamforum :
Teamtag (Ex: $000Teamtag): $s$FC0'η$F90ψ$F30т' Ω
Players List:

Boss Wanted | bosswanted24
Wiidii | wiidii
Hurri | gijsjep123
Klockren | mxlife
Puma | yohan85
Koko | koko1313

Rules are read and accepted


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Re: Registration of 'ηψт' Ω

Post by Bo$$Playa on Fri 3 Feb - 20:29

Hey Toad !
Welcome NWT Ω on SLIP7, registration accepted and done. Good luck !

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