The S.L.I.P is a team competition on the environment Stadium Dirt
2017, 7th season!

After a break last year, we decided to add some new rules.
Before any registration, please read carefully the rules below.

The admins (red) are the ones ruling and have the ability to change the rule if an unexpected event were to happen before or during the competition.
The respect of admins and players will be required; any team or player transgressing this rule will see itself or himself expelled from the competition.

Development of the competition.

. Teams registrations

- The competition is open to everyone except Team Fox and their undesirable players.
- To prevent any disengagements from teams due to the lack of players, we require a minimum of 7 players per team; no maximum.
- The deadline for registrations is set on the 11th of February at 23:59 GMT+1 (Paris). After the deadline, the players will not be able to join a Line up before the mercato.

. First stage: Qualifiers
A pack of 3 maps to be trained during one week will be available on the 3rd of February 2017 at around 9 p.m. GMT+1 (Paris).
Qualifiers will take place on the Sunday 12th of February and will start at 9 p.m. GMT+1 (Paris). Attendance required on the assigned server at 8:45 p.m. GMT+1 (Paris).

With the help of a new plugin developed by Cous Hub from Team BFC, the qualifiers will be held in the form of a cup on 3 different servers.
Servers will be ranked in order of level: Server A > Server B > Server C.
On the forum, every team will assign each of their 3 players to a server. (Player 1 – Server A; Player 2 – Server B; Player 3 – Server C).
The cup will proceed without warm-ups, 3 rounds per map. Every round, the last driver is eliminated and gives 1 point to his team.
Example: Player eliminated on round 1 = 1 point; player eliminated on round 7 = 7 points.
The sum of points acquired by every player on every server will help designate the final ranking of teams.

In case of draw, the rank of the player on Server A will be prioritized.
Any disconnections will be considered as a surrender: the player will be eliminated and win the number of points according to the round he last drove in.

The finals rankings will be communicated at the end of the cups on this forum:

The 6 first teams will continue in Division 1, the next 6 in Division 2, etc...

The last divisions will be arranged in accordance with the number of registrations.

. Second stage: Championship

A random draw and a match schedule will be communicated in the evening of the 12th of February after the qualifiers.
Teams will have to respect the match schedule on a base of one match per week.

. Map packs
The map pack will be available for download on Friday evening to organize the match in the next 9 days.
2 different map packs will be available to download. A “fun” pack for the last division and an “elite” pack for the others.

. Organization of the matches
If both team cannot manage to decide on a date, the match will take place on Sunday evening at 9 p.m GMT+1 (Paris).
In case of absence of negotiations or attempts to contact the opposing team before Saturday midnight: forfeit of the team in question.
The contact and negotiation attempts will necessarily have to be done on the SLIP forum.

. Development of the matches
Both of the teams will play 4v4 in match mode on 4 maps.
At the end of the match, one of the two captains will register the result with screenshots on the SLIP forum.

. Accounting of points
Matches will be played in 5 winning points per map. The result of the match will be determined by addition of the number of runs won.
Victory = 3 points
Draw = 1 points
Lose = 0 point

Every day, the ranking will be updated by ourselves on the website

We will drop you a link for this website at a later date on the SLIP forum.

The final rankings will be determined by the number of points:
– If two teams are tied, the “run average” of the teams will be taken into account.
– If two teams have the same “run average”, the team having won the most runs will be the winner.
– If two teams have the same “run average” and the same number of runs won, the previous match between the two teams will be taken into account, and the winner of said match will be declared winner of this one as well on the final rankings.

● The mercato
A mercato will take place on Week 3.
You must notify the admins on the forum for any additional player to a team. He will otherwise not be taken into account.
If a team possesses multiple LUs, a player starting the competition with a LU will not be able to switch to a LU from the same team.
The “2 external players to the team” rule still stands.

● Calendar
Week 0: from the 3rd to the 12th of February, Qualifications
Week 1: from the 13th to the 19th of February, Day 1 of the Championship
Week 2: from the 20th to the 26th of February, Day 2 of the Championship
Week 3: from the 27th of February to the 5th of March, mercato (Break in the Championship)
Week 4: from the 6th to the 12th of March, Day 3 of the Championship
Week 5: from the 13th to the 19th of March, Day 4 of the Championship
Week 6: from the 20th to the 26th of March, Day 5 of the Championship

● Servers
The organizers will put to the disposition of the teams match servers and 4 public training servers in TA.
Please communicate to us your needs in servers when you negotiate for your matches.

● Absences
If a team comes to a match with an insufficient number of members, they are allowed to play the match outnumbered if the enemy team agrees.
If the number of players on both sides is insufficient, the teams will be able to agree on playing the match, for instance, 4v3 or 3v3.
If a team forfeits, they will score 0 points and will get a run average of -8. The opposing team will win 4 points and a run average of +8.

● Delays

The organizers will allow up to 15 minutes of delay, above which the late team will be forced to forfeit.

The referees will make sure players show fair-play during the matches, and that they'll unfold well.

Before a round: It'll be started over, every player will have to delete, otherwise the referee will end the round.

During a round: It'll be played normally, and the disconnected player will have 5 minutes to reconnect before the next round is started. If he/she doesn't, a substitute may come in play. If there is none, the match will continue without the missing player.

If the same player disconnects several times: The player is allowed to disconnect 3 times. At the 4th time, the captain will have to name a substitute, and if there is none, the match will continue normally. The aforementioned player will not be waited for anymore. If he/she comes back and is reinstated to the team for the next map, a 5th disconnection will not affect the current round, and the player will have to be replaced immediately and definitely.

Accitental delete:
If a player accidentally deletes before the beginning of a round, it will be started over.
The referee will end the round. Referees will take great care to make it fair for everyone.

In order to register, please visit the SLIP webpage at:

The team captain has to inform his/her teammates about these rules. Thus, he/she'll take responsibility for the hole team regarding the respect of the regulations.
In a team, the captain is the only one allowed to express demands/complaints in on the forum of the SLIP.

SPAM's staff.