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description Inscription DDR1

Hello team Spam.

Capitain :  Kikers / kik1976
Cocapitain :

Adresse from the teamforum : http://teamddr.enjin.com
Teamtag : $i$f10«$ff1ĐÐ$f10२»

Players Liste:

Pampa / la__pampa
Alban / albandu17
stenbord / stenbord
Vennike / vennike
Duffarn / duffarn
Wheeler / wheeler969
Garf / garf.
Jezze / jezze86

Rules read & agreed.

PS: there are not cocaptain, but if a problem happen and for some reason Kikers is not available i´ll take care about it.

descriptionRe:  Inscription DDR1

Hey DDR !

Registration accpeted and done !
Good luck for the SLIP 7 Wink
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