A tag for each mapper selected :

Official Track Builder
Mappers, Testers, Qualification plugin manager, Rewards... Mapper10
Foenix» Spetyka | spetyka95
[O.M] Aldé | alde
[dore²cuo] senfti | senfti1
「߃Č」 Binouz | binouz83
「߃Č」 Pacman | pacman-93320
ATR Nast | nast98_ghost
'ηψт' Ω Gillou | gillou27
«ĐÐ२» Fairy | naninha
JTT Manu | manu_19
JTT Bruno | lpf_bruno
Sραm» Olikio | olikio49
Sραm» Jossh | joshua29
Sραm» Tichta | fzztichta
Sραm» Bo$$Playa | bodu29

Maps Testers
For their help, their seriousness, their discretion, the time invested, we thank the testers of maps (2000 planets) :
«ĐÐ२» Knight Jr | sa_templars
'ηψт' Ω Toad | minitoad
Foenix» Cami | camihun87

Qualifications plugin Manager
We also thanks 「߃Č」 Cous Hub | cous_hub for the creation of the plugin qualifications, his regular follow-up, his help and his availabality (10000 planets).

Finally thanks to all the participants for this 7th season which took place in the fairplay and the good mood !