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The Cross Gaz League was originally created by Chikopouri  & the Gaz Team.
When Chikopouri joined the Spam Team , the second edition was renamed as Spam League In dirt Paradise.
The SLIP is a team competition, on Stadium Dirt environment.
In 2015, we are proud to present the sixth season!
Before any registration, may you read closely these new rules.

Foreword :
The competition admins (red) are fully in controle & reserve themselves the right to modify the rules if any unconsidered situation should occur before or during the competition.
Respect for the admins & the players is required, not complying with this rule will result in the dismissal of the team or player involved.

Competition :

Team registration :

2 different groups will be opened: elite or fun.
To make for the possible forfeit due to lack of drivers, a minimum of 6 pilots per team is required for the elite section, & 7 for the fun section, no maximum.
Every team can have a maximum of 2 external players.
The admins allow themselves to accept or refuse, teams that would not apply these preceding rules.

1st Phase : Qualification

This qualification phase will take place over 7 days in TA mode (time attack).
START: Friday 28/08/2015, 9.00 PM
END: Friday 4/09/2015, 8.00 PM
The goal will be to achieve the best possible time on 3 maps.
For Elite table, the best 4 times per team will be taken into account & the sum of these 4 times will lead to the general rankings per team.
For Fun table, the best 3 times per team will be taken into account & the sum of these 3 times will lead to the general rankings per team.

This top will be available live, online at this address:

The elite & fun groups will each have 3 dedicated servers.

 The map packs will not be the same for elite or fun, so as to adjust to each group level.
At the end of these qualifications, the 5(*) first teams will go to Pool 1, the next 5(*) in Pool 2 , etc …..)
(*) 5 or 6 will we decide after looking the registrations
The last 2 pools will be created according to the number of registrations. If it should happen that we have to create a pool of 6, the last match will take place during the “mercato” & the map pack will be chosen according to the maps’ karma of the preceding weeks.

2nd Phase : Pool Phase

A draw & a calendar will be revealed on the evening of the 4/09/2015, after the qualifications.
The teams will have to comply with this order of matchs, meaning one match per week.

Pack maps

The packs will be available for download the Friday evening, in order to organize the matches during the following 9 days.(Sunday last delay)

Match organisation

If teams cannot get in touch or compromise on a date, the match will take place on the Sunday night at 9.00 pm
If no contact or no negotiation before Saturday midnight : The team in question will be forfeit.
This contact and negotiation will have to take place on the SLIP forum, we can thus organise the live tv streams .

Match proceedings

For the elite group : 4 vs 4  match mode. In this group the respawns are disable, so no respawns aren't possible and they must be disabled on the server.
For the fun group: 5 vs 5 match mode. In this group the respawns are enable, so respawns are possible.
At the end of the match one of the 2 captains will have to post the results together with the screens on the SLIP forum.


Each week the matches will be played on 3 maps, in 5 winning points, match result will be determined by the sum of the won rounds.
Victory= 4 points
NIL/draw = 2 points
Defeat= 1 point
We will update the rankings after each day. The final results will take the points into account.
- if 2 teams should be draw, the round average results will count
- if 2 teams have the same round average result, the team with the most winning rounds will be declared winner.
- if both teams have the same round average & same winning rounds, then we will take the last match as reference. The match points & runs will be taken into account & the winner of this last match will be declared winner in the final rankings.

teamname Point  RG     RP     Dif    V   N   D
Team A        20     30   14      16    5   0   0
Team B        18     27   23        4    4   1   0
Team C        15     25   18      17    3   1   1
Team D          9     14   15      -1     2  0   3
Team E          3       7   20     -13    1   1   3
Team F          1       4   30     -26     0  1   4

RG = run win,  RP = run lost V = win, N = equal, D = lost

Mercato :

Mercato during the 3rd week.
Any added player to a team will have to be mentioned on the forum or the he will NOT be validated.
Every team can have a maximum of 2 external players.
If a team has several LU, a player starting with LU can not be transferred to another LU of the same team.

Calendar :

Week 0 :    28/08 to 04/09 = qualifications
Week 1 :    05/09 to 13/09 = pool day 1
Week 2 :    14/09to 20/09 = pool day 2
Week 3 :    21/09 to 27/09 = mercato (and extra pool day )
Week 4 :    28/09 to 04/10 =  pool day 3
Week 5 :     05/10 to 11/10 = pool day 4
Week 6 :    12/10 to 18/10 = pool day 5

Servers :

The organising team can provide the teams one match server
Please do tell us precisely what you need during the negotiations.

Absence :

If a team should be lacking players it is still possible to play the match if the adverse team agrees to it.
If a team is forfeit, 0 point & a round average of -8 will be counted. The opposite team will win 4 points & + 8 on average round.

Lateness :

The organisation will tolerate a 15mn delay, when these 15mn are over the team will be forfeit.

Referees :

The referees will be attentive to fair play during the matches & make sure that all goes smoothly.
A message on the forum will tell you who will be your match’s referee when a date is set.

Disconnections :

- Before a round : the round is started, each player has to retire, if not , the referee will force the round to end.
During the round : the round ends as it is, the player has 5mn to reconnect, if not another player can enter to replace him. If no players are available, the match continues without the player who lost his connection.
In the case of several disconnections of a same player : one player is allowed 3, at the 4th, the captain or co captain will have to replace him, if no player is available, the match continues as it is. No more waiting for this player. If he should reconnect, he can play the next round, if a 5th disconnection should arise before or during the round, the round ends as it is, and the player will have to be instantly & permanently replaced.
“Button mistake “  or your fingers got mixed up under pressure ? :

If a player retires just before the round because of his own mistake, the round will restart. The referee will force the round to end, they will make everything possible to make sure it is the most fair.

Registrations :

For registrations please got to :

The captain will make sure these rules are understood by all his team & takes full responsibility towards the respect of these rules.
Registration date limit :    03/09/2015 at 11.59 pm.
Passed this date the drivers will not be allowed to enter any line up before the Mercato.

Just the teamcapitains and coteamcapitains can complain not the whole team!


Special thanks to :

Maverick (jtt) : web developer
Arrow : traduction of the rules in German and English
All the external referees
the dirt community without her we should have any competitons

Partnership :

TM Dirt